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Influencer Program | At Present


I was brought on board the At Present team as a social media and influencer consultant to lay the groundwork for their new influencer program. They are a growing e-commerce marketplace specializing in luxury jewelry sourced from small, independent artists. As a startup, their main goal was to increase awareness across social. The program took off immediately, landing earned impressions from creators like @ken.eurich (1.3M followers)


I developed a comprehensive framework including process guidelines, briefing outlines, goal setting, and specifications for influencer discovery.

To identify the most suitable influencers for At Present, extensive research was conducted, analyzing factors such as audience demographics, engagement rates, and alignment with the brand's values. This meticulous approach ensured that the chosen influencers would authentically represent the brand and effectively engage their respective followers. 

We both hired paid creators to post on our behalf and utilized social listening to strategically gift products to influencers. We gifted product to influencers based on what we learned about through their social: to congratulate them on a book launch, to fill a need, or to send them quality product after they voiced their frustrations with a competing brand.  

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