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Make a bunch happen | honey bunches of oats


The TLDR: My team launched Honey Bunches of Oats' first-ever TikTok content and campaign through the #MakeABunchHappen TikTok challenge. Through 5 unique creators, paid media placements, and a branded AR effect, we inspired over 1.7M users to share how they Make a Bunch Happen in their lives. It landed over 9.4B views across the platform. 



Honey Bunches of Oats tasked my team with launching the brand on TikTok for the very first time while driving engagement with millennials. They had just launched the "Make a Bunch Happen" brand messaging, so the #MakeaBunchHappen TikTok Hashtag challenge naturally grew out of the ask. 

We partnered with five TikTok creators and shared their stories of how they Make A Bunch Happen in their own unique way. The creators covered a wide spectrum of niches: a mom, a farmer, a millennial fashion creator, a comedian, and a singer/songwriter. 

Through the creators and paid media placements, we invited TikTokers everywhere to show how they Make A Bunch Happen in their lives by creating the #MakeABunchHappen hashtag challenge, complete with a fun and addictively playful branded effect that virtually allowed them to scoop a bunch of Honey Bunches of Oats into their mouths before showing how they Make A Bunch Happen.


#MakeABunchHappen became an overnight sensation, garnering 9.4B TikTok views with +84M unique reaches and 1.7M videos created. We effectively inspired users to showcase their best, most unique selves on the app and solidified Honey Bunches of Oats as the catalyst to making a bunch happen all day long. 

As the social media manager on the project, I worked with the team to put a strategy recommendation for the hashtag challenge, review influencer selects and content and ongoing reporting after the challenge launched. 

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